Here are a list of Wild Grinders comic issues. Each issue is found in each DVD.

The Race of Lil Rob vs Captain GrindstarEdit

WG Issue 1
The Race of Lil Rob vs Captain Grindstar is the first issue officially  created by Home Plate Entertainment. This issue will be inside of the Adventures of Captain Grindstar DVD.


Captain Grindstar holds a global racing competition, albeit only Lil Rob (Kid Voltage) and Stubford Hucksterball (Major Totally Rad Cool) participate, thanks to Stubford restricting every racer to participate by posting signs around Sprawl City. Lil Rob, Stubford, and Grindstar begins the race, while Stubford becomes too focused on winning, leading him to fall to the sewers. Grindstar and Rob race around the world and stop to rest at Captain Grindstar's home. The news interrupts, claiming that Lil Rob's mom, Patty, was missing, shocking the both.


Major EventsEdit

  • Grindstar's parents make unspeakable cameos nearly the end of the comic.
  • Patty went missing at the end of the comic.


The Race of Lil Rob vs Captain Grindstar 2Edit

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The second issue, which has an unknown release date, but it will be inside of the second DVD release.


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