The Amaazing Racers
The Amaazing Racers Title Card
Season №: Season 2
Season episode №: 15a
Overall episode №: 41a
Original airdate: September 10, 2014
Airing Time: 9:00 p.m.
Directed by: Rod Amador
Written by: Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason
Storyboard: Les Eaves
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The Amaazing Racers is the first half of the 15th episode of the second season of Wild Grinders, and the first half of the 41st episode overall.


Lil Rob and Stubford compete in a race across the globe to win a lifetime supply of bacon-wrapped tacos.


The episode initiates in the living, with Lil Rob and Meaty located. Meaty flips the channel rapidly, until Rob recognizes a car in the commericial. The commercial represents the Baco 5000 Rally held in Sprawl City, and the winner will receive a prize: bacos. With Meaty's delight and Rob's dream to win the championship, the gang decides to create Lil Rob's racing car. After the car was finished, Emo Crys is revealed that he drop the snakes on the car, with the Grinders' shock.

Outside of Sprawl City, Lil Rob competes with only Stubford Hucksterball and his companion, Lackey. Because there weren't enough competitors to join the Baco 5000 Rally, Stubford already planned to foil the other competitors by restricting them not to race and stay inside of Stubford's mansion. The race started, until both of the racers fall to the sewer to the ocean. The announcers, Jay Jay and Jack Knife, knew that the whale is shown in the ocean and gulp them alive, as told by Flipz.

After the whale ride, Rob, Meaty, Stubford, and Lackey race across France, where Stubford pulls out a dirty trick by tying Rob and Meaty to the Eiffel Tower, but the rope torn up, thanks to him that he is driving.

The racers continue to Italy, England, Switzerland, and Mount Everest, until their final stop is to Sprawl City's finish line. Despite of Rob and Meaty's close call-after their kart skids by a unknown liquid, the kart shatters into desperate pieces, as Stubford evilly boasted that he is about to win the rally. Without worrying about the kart, Lil Rob plans to create a skateboard out of the racing kart's pieces, and heads towards to Stubford. He tosses the snakes (which were found, before the race) to Stubford's kart, and finally wins the rally. The anthropomorphic baco gives the trophy to the two winners, but they have to make a choice if they will receive bacos.

Several years later, Lil Rob and Meaty appear as elderly people, holding the last, two bacos.


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  • This is one of the episodes to have another sport other than skateboarding.




  • The man who is stuck in the whale is the reference of the Pinocchio character, Geppetto. He was talking about that he have lost his son (Pinocchio).
    • The whale is also the background reference of Pinocchio.