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Full Name {{{fullname}}}
Alias(es) Stubby

Major Totally Rad Cool (villain pseudonym)
Lord Stubbicus (Gnarly Craft usertag)

Birthplace Sprawl City
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality American
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Red/Ginger
Relative(s) Track Hucksterball (father), Mrs. Hucksterball (mother), Chief Stubrock (prehistoric persona), Stubbicus Caesar the Third (Roman persona), Stubterra (alien persona)
First Appearance Deconstructed
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Voice Actor Erin Fitzgerwald

Stubford Hucksterball (mainly known as Stubford) is somewhat the main antagonist of the Wild Grinders TV series. He serves to be the show's primary antagonist, because of his frequent appearances.


Stubford Hucksterball portrays as the Grinders' snobby rival, who is the son of the owner of Hucksterball Industries, Track Hucksterball. He adores provoking Lil Rob by incorrectly pronouncing his name (ex. Lil Slob is mainly inserted). Because of his grotesque and sinister attitude, Stubford acts as a greedy, immature, and delusional child. He is additionally a klutz, and lacks sports skills, such as (primarily) skating.


Tended to his appearance, he is the shortest of the antagonists. Stubford has mandarin-colored hair with a narrow and sharp style on the tips. Stubford's eyes are lightly blue, and has eyebrows that matches his hair color. Supporting to Stubford's appearance, he is shown chubby, and wears a mahogany polo shirt that shows his stomach on purpose. He wears walnut-colored shorts and grey-patched socks. On his feet are a pair of grey-blue sneakers with thick, mechanical stalls, that will make Stubford taller than the Grinders. Without them, Stubford wears blue sandals.

While doing the "Stubby" in Out of Tune, Stubford is shown donning a pair of boxers with a basketball and Track Hucksterball icons.

In Lil Red Riding Rob, Stubford forms as a brown wolf.


Officer Lackowski

Stubford's dimwitted partner and personal security guard. Stubford is principally revolting towards him, because of his lack of intelligence.

Track Hucksterball

The father of Stubford Hucksterball. Their family relationship is not so beneficial, because of Track's ignorance and neglect towards his son.


  • Stubford can be shown in Out of Tune, when he makes his own short music video called "Stubby". He wears his shorts that contains Track Hucksterball's icon and a basketball icon. It can also be shown in the (now defunct) Wild Grinders official website in May 31, 2012, convincing it can be a dancing contest that can be found on Youtube.
  • Unregularly, Stubford have three toes when doing the "Stubby" in Out of Tune.
  • Stubford's name was derived from the word "stub", technically defined as "short".
    • Stubford, along with Officer Lackowski, are best defined to be "negative editing consequences", such as not enough information of an article or other media.
    • Stubford also have another reference as "to hurt oneself", representing his clumsiness.




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