Master Inu
Master Inu.png
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Alias(es) N/A
Birthplace Unknown, probably somewhere in Japan
Gender Male
Race Akita dog
Nationality Japanese
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Ginger
Relative(s) Master Sensei (probably his pet)
First Appearance The Chosen Bulldog
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Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal (Jimmy Benedict)

Master Inu is one of the minor characters from the Wild Grinders series.


Master Inu is first introduced as a respectful and calm being, who trains dogs with an animal martial art technique called "pawjitsu". When he first encountered Meaty, he memorizes that Meaty is one of the bulldog ancestors, written in the ancient paw prints; however, Inu thinks that Meaty is not yet skilled in pawjitsu. Inu is passionately critical of Meaty's failure; for instance, Inu challenges him to play the blues with a shamisen, but Meaty fails to do so, then Inu calls his failure worthless.


Master Sensei:
Well, Master Sensei and Master Inu both share their martial instincts, but they aren't related perhaps. He is shown to be with him in Search for Master Sensei.


Master Inu resembles of a ginger-colored Akita dog. He sports an eyepatch located to his left eye and a blue, short-sleeved robe with dark highlights. Inu is always shown to be an astral projection with a hint of magenta-colored light; according to himself, he could be anywhere.


Master Inu's name derives of a Japanese translation, "inu" (), which translates to English as "dog". His breed, the Akita, originates in the northern regions of Japan. You can learn more here.


  • Inu is the first character to summon his astral projection, before Spitball and the other martial arts teachers from Great Wheels of Fire.
  • It's unknown where Inu's physical body went, since his astral projection been here the whole time.
    • It might be that his physical body was presumably dead or he have be stuck like this and was unable to return back.


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