Grinder Claus
Grinder Claus Title Card
Season №: 1
Season episode №: 24a
Overall episode №: 24a
Original airdate: 12/3/12
Directed by: Ron Doucet
Written by: Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason
Storyboard: Jacob Menard
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Grinder Claus is the first half of the 24th episode of the Wild Grinders series. This episode focuses on that Lil' Rob helps Santa Claus, who has to cancel Christmas due to injuring his back, deliver the presents.


This episode begins when Lil Rob and his gang helps out the decoration for Christmas. Goggles created a machine that can aim an object to throw the Christmas lights. Unfortunately, Goggles' machine aim to Gene, as he was disappointed about Goggles' inventions. Emo Crys declares that the parents insult Goggles with banning posts infront of their houses, especially Gene's.

Suddenly this night, Meaty makes a complement to Lil' Rob that he hear noises coming from downstairs. After Lil Rob turns on the lights, he spots Santa Claus in an unusual surprise. Meaty prepares to attack, but was strangled by the decorated  Christmas tree. Rob doubt him that Santa Claus is real, but Santa proves that he is the REAL Santa Claus. So on another scene, Santa was seen riding on his sleigh up in a starry night, when Lil' Rob and Meaty do believe in him. Santa wants Rob to help him bless Christmas.

The next day, Santa makes up a disguise as a skater, and Lil' Rob's uncle.


Major EventsEdit

  • Santa Claus made his first appearance in the TV series.
  • Flipz is revealed to have pajamas similar to Lil Rob's.

International TitleEdit

Country Dub Translation
Brazil Detonadores Natalinos Christmas Detonators


  • Lil Rob makes up a Christmas ego as "Grinder Claus", as of the titular episode. It was parodic of "Santa Claus".
  • The quick scene (before Lil Rob flies off to drop presents) implies that Lil Rob and Meaty are making a rhyme.
  • Metadolph is Meaty's parodic ego of Rudolph.
    • Also, Lil Rob begans a rhyme by the eight flying deer and Meaty, which is part of "T'was the Night Before Christmas".



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