Golden Grinders
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Original airdate: Unknown
Directed by: Guy Vasilovich and Tyree Dillihay
Written by: Christian Duguay
Storyboard: Lane Lureas, Dan Knapp, Joe Garcia, Tyree Dillihay, Guy Vasilovich, and Kenny Tompkins
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Golden Grinders is the very first and "pilot" episode of the Wild Grinders series. This episode only aired on Kabillion on Youtube.



Main Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Chad and Ashelina (debut)
  • Butler (debut)
  • Newscaster (debut)
  • Gene (voiced by Rob Dyrdek)
  • Patty (voiced by Tracy Tubera)



  • This is the first episode that was aired on Kabillion.
  • Because this was the first episode produced and was commissioned for Kabillion, there are several differences from the online version and the TV series:
    • The theme song and opening sequence is different.
    • Emo Crys' voice is different because he was portrayed by Yuri Lowenthal and has a slight, high-pitched tone. However, he is portrayed by Cam Clarke in the TV series, using a slightly deep nasal tone and uses figurative language more.
    • Goggles, Spitball, and Jack Knife are also voiced as Yuri Lowenthal (credited as Jimmy Benedict), but there are differences for them:
      • Jack Knife's voice is stammered in both Golden Grinders and The Lost Skate Spot instead of a country or western accent like on the TV series.
      • Spitball speak Spanish in both the episodes that are aired on Kabillion; while in the TV series, he speaks only English.
      • Goggles uses a slightly deeper tone and rarely speaks, rather than his voice from the TV series, which is slightly lighter.
    • Meaty does not speak at all, meaning that he was originally non-anthropomorphic.
    • Lil Rob uses a different tone in the TV series, rather than the online episodes.
    • Jay Jay and Emo Crys seem to take the role as "best friend" to Lil Rob in the online version instead of Goggles.
    • Tracy Tubera voiced Patty in Golden Grinders; however, Erin Fitzgerald portrays the voice of Patty in the TV series.
    • There are no antagonists, such as Stubford Hucksterball, in both pilots.
    • Because the Dyrdek family was incomplete in this episode, Denise does not make an appearance, until Close-Up.
  • This marks the only episode that a character swears; Ashelina saying "Oh my god!" as an example.
  • Chad, Ashelina, the female reporter, the butler, and the construction workers' voice actors are unknown and uncredited.
  • Charlie Schlatter provides the work of voice director; he is known for his voice actor works as Ace from Loonatics Unleashed and the titular Kick Buttowski.


  • Chad and Ashelina are mockups of famous celebrity couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
    • Ironically, the breakup between these cartoon characters predict the similarity of Pitt and Jolie's divorce in 2016.


  • We might not know what happened to Goggles through out the episode.
  • The butler will make his last appearance in Scream a Little Scream.

Animation Errors

  • Spitball has Emo Crys's skateboard instead of his original one, starting the episode (0:59-1:01).
  • Jay Jay's skateboard is misplaced by a lavender skateboard with red wheels (2:03-2:07).
  • A few of the Grinders' boards are missing, as Jay Jay was above (2:10-2:13).
  • A few of the babies are switched when zoomed in.
    • For the last time, several of the babies, especially the ugly one, are switched, but an extra one is added to Chad's arms.
  • Possibly, Lil Rob's mane is drastically missing; however, part of his mane is combed upwards. In the TV series, Rob's hair is combed shortly in above, but in his pajamas profile, a bit of hair is sticking up.
  • A female is reporter is missing when on television.
  • Emo Crys's wheels have red sides unusually, when raising his board up high.
    • Emo Crys's board wheels are fully red instead of black.
  • Emo Crys's peekaboo is swicthed to his left eye incorrectly, instead of the right, like originally.
    • The tip of Emo's peekaboo is unattached in the right. Earlier, his peekaboo is completely curved.


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