Gnarly Craft
Gnarly Craft Title Card
Season №: Season 1
Original airdate: 6/29/12
Directed by: Ron Doucet
Written by: Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason
Storyboard: Dylan Edwards & Mirco Chen
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Gnarly Craft is the eleventh episode of the Wild Grinders series and the first full length episode. This episode focuses on Lil Rob, who was stuck on an online game, needs help for his friends' avatars.


Part One

Part Two

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International Titles

Country Dub Translation
Brazil Mundo Virtual Virtual World


  • This is the first episode with two parts of Gnarly Craft and the full-length episode to be seen.
  • As Goggles' self avatar, his eyes are red instead of black
  • There are some of the references of the episode that can be seen two parts:
    • Gnarly Craft is the Wild Grinders reference of the fantasy-action based video game, WarCraft.
    • Spitball's avatar is a blue cat with a ninja costume and the same accessories of Spitball. This can refered to a Navi from James Cameron's Avatar.
  • Spitball makes up phrases as "NINJAAAAAAA JENKIIIIIIIIIINNNS!!!" and "Meet my new friend, Leeroy.". They are likely to be based on Leeroy Jenkins (sometimes misspelled as Leroy Jenkins), one of the popular SFX internet memes.
    • This meme seems to fit in this episode for World of Warcraft, because of the fantasy theme and background it contains.

Animation Errors

  • You can see that Denise's eye color reveals to be brown as you zoom in to her protective goggles, but wearing her regular glasses, her eyes are neutrally black.


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