Gino and Dino
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Birthplace Unknown
Gender Both Male
Race Both Human
Nationality American
Eye Color Gino (blue)
Dino (brown)
Hair Color Gino (blonde)
Dino (brown)
Relative(s) Each other
First Appearance Special Delivery
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Voice Actor Erin Fitzgerald (Gino)

Yuri Lowenthal (Dino)

―Gino and Dino, motto

Gino and Dino, also known as the Fixees, are the season 2 characters of Wild Grinders. They are probably one of the minor antagonists of the second season.


Gino and Dino are the dynamic duo to compete the Grinders in a pizza delivery contest by Papa Calzoni. They are portrayed as extreme bikers, proving that they will never use brakes on their bikes, but they become clumsy by running over too fast. They often end their sentences with "BOOM!", as their favorite motto. Gino and Dino are likely to be cheaters and tricksters; for example, they ditched the Grinders by swapping their pizza with a bicycle tire.


On the first hand, Gino is a boy with powder blue eyes and dirty gold-colored hair that has a very short length. He sports a gray sweatshirt, green camouflage pants, and gray shoes with black soles and a blue section in each back. Gino dons a helmet that has a very pale blue color, while the section of the half is light blue.

Dino is a tall boy who have dark brown hair and regular brown eye color. He wears a cerulean long-sleeved shirt that contains a light hue section all around his chest. Dino also dons a pair of blue jeans and black shoes with red laces. Unlike Gino, Dino's helmet was styled by a front that swapped the color with very pale blue.

Gino and Dino are frequently presented with Boston accents, meaning that the both come from Boston, Massachusetts to Sprawl City.


  • Gino and Dino are the only characters to use a small transportation, other than skateboards; for instance, they mainly use bikes without brakes.


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