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Birthplace Unknown
Gender Female
Race Human
Nationality American
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
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Fox is one of the characters of the Wild Grinders series and one of the two winning characters of the Design a Wild Grinder contest. She was first created by a Facebook user, Kellsie Guinn, before she was published by Tracy Tubera. She, along with Beefy and Swagy, never made it to the TV series.



Fox's physical traits are dark brown, shoulder-length wavy hair and pale brown eyes. She sports a short-sleeved jersey, headphones, and finger-cut gloves with black and cerulean variants and nails painted in light green. She also wears short jeans, and blue-green tennis shoes, carries a pencil on her right ear and a bandage on her right knee. She wields a skateboard with green wheels and an unknown color.


  • Fox and Swagy did not make their cameos on any episode.


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