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Birthplace Unknown
Gender Female
Race Human
Nationality American
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Relative(s) Unknown
First Appearance WG Webisode 2
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Voice Actor Chanel West Coast

Flipz is one of the minor characters of the Wild Grinders series.


Flipz have not get a chance to win the game of S.K.A.T.E. with Lil Rob. In a few episodes, she can get a victory to some of the Grinders.

Flipz is also an expert in basketball, oce told in Hoopz Dreamz.


  • Emo Crys-Emo Crys is shown to have a small crush on Flipz, but she does not even recognize it but gets stubborn.


Flipz have long yellow hair that reaches her back and cerulean eyes. On her head is a blue beanie, but when preparing to skate, she wears a blue cap-like helmet. Flipz sports a magenta tank top and light denim jeans. She dons a pair of red-violet sneakers with blue sections on her shoelaces and the sides.



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