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Episodes are created in two 11 minute-long segments.

Lists of Shorts

No. Title Date Aired
1 Lil Rob's Short  
2 Jay Jay's Short  
3 Emo Crys's Short  
4 Spitball's Short  
5 Jack Knife's Short  
6 Meaty's Short  
7 Goggles's Short  
8 Stairs  
9 Concrete  
10 Pebbles  
11 Chanel's Short  

List of Episodes


No. Title Date Aired
Special 1 Golden Grinders Unknown
When Lil' Rob and the crew finds two wealthy parents, Chad and Nashalina, they have their lives changed that they will become the golden skaters of their eager.
Special 2 The Lost Skate Spot Unknown
Lil' Rob discovers the map that can lead his team to an ancient skating area.

Season 1

Season No. Overall No. Title Air Date
1 1 Deconstructed/Close-Up 4/27/12
Deconstructed Title Card.png
1a The Grinders must figure out a way to save their beloved skate spot from Track Huckersterball, who plans to turn it into a theme park!
Close-Up Title Card.png
1b Hotshot TV producer Chip Fligginton is looking for a new star. When Lil Rob catches his eye, Chip casts him and the Grinders in a series of terrible reality shows.
2 2 Going Hollyweird/Shark Attack 5/4/12
Going Hollyweird Title Card.png
2a When Lil Rob lands a part in Track Hucksterball's big budget skateboard movie, he has to contend with the Hollywood-sized ego of its director - his best friend, Goggles!
Shark Attack Title Card.png
2b Inspired by a skater named Shark Attack, Lil Rob heads underwater to skate with a giant shark and recover dread Pirate Brody's deep-sea treasure . before Stubford does!
3 3 Never Skate with Unicorns/Biggest Sellout 5/11/12
Never Skate with Unicorns Title Card.png
3a Lil Rob is skating in the garden when a freak accident sends his board flying into the into one of Denise's prized glass figurines- a unicorn named Jasper. Rob plans to replace Jerome before Denise notices, but he realizes that finding a replacement unicorn is much more difficult than he anticipated.
Biggest Sellout Title Card.png
3b Emo Crys paints an awesome mural of a skateboarding hamster. The design is a hit at the skate park and Track Hucksterball sees a way to make money off the idea. Meaty sells the rights to "Hank the Happy Hamster" and soon merchandise featuring a much "softer" design is everywhere.
4 4 The Prince & the Skateboarder/Board Story 5/18/12
The Prince & the Skateboarder Title Card.png
4a Jack Knife swaps places with his regal look alike during the Royal Skateboard Cup and realizes that living the high life isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Board Story Title Card.png
4b The Grinders' boards escape and make a new life with Stubford. After realizing Stubford will never make them happy, the boards must find a way to reunite with the Grinders.
5 5 Out of Tune/Picnic of Doom 5/25/12
Out of Tune Title Card.png
5a When Lil Rob embarrasses Denise, she uploads a video of the Grinders' humiliating wipeout! He responds by uploading Denise's auto-tuned rant about her crush!
Picnic of Doom Title Card.png
5b Lil Rob and his dad Gene keep beating Stubford and Track Hucksterball at the company picnic games, but can they win the Golden Tool when Stubford rigs all the events?
6 6 Neptune's Chowder/Squatch Grinder 6/8/12
Neptune's Chowder Title Card.png
6a Lil Rob is determined to join Shark Attack and surf the massive wave Neptune's Chowder, but can he get anyone to join him?
Squatch Grinder Title Card.png
6b Lil Rob and Meaty discover Big Foot on a camping trip and invite him back to Sprawl City to join the Wild Grinders!
7 7 The Amaaaazing Adventures of Captain Grindstar/Lil Red Riding Rob 6/15/12
The Amaaaazing Adventures of Captain Grindstar Title Card.png
7a At a comic convention, when the villainous Stubford captures Goggles' favorite comic book movie star, it's up to costumed heroes Lil Rob, Goggles, and Meaty to save him!
Lil Red Riding Rob Title Card.png
7b Tricked by his obnoxious older sister Denise into babysitting Bratzilla, Lil Rob spins the tale of "Lil Red Riding Rob" to try to get the little baby boy to sleep.
8 8 Space Race/Road Tripped 6/15/12
Space Race Title Card.png
8a Lil' Rob wins a trip to the Space Station with Meaty and Jay Jay, but what happens when their tour goes haywire and their space shuttle crashes onto the moon?
Road Tripped Title Card.png
8b Lil' Rob faces his nightmare - no skateboarding on his family vacation! And things go from bad to weird when a creepy truck starts mysteriously following the family!
9 9 Grindermania/Crushin 6/22/12
Grindermania Title Card.png
9a The Grinders rocket to instant fame as a rock band, but a petty pretzel argument threatens to tear the band apart!
Crushin Title Card.png
9b To get the attention of Freddy, a skater dude who works at the taco truck, Denise forces Lil Rob to teach her how to skate!
10 10 Jurassic Skatepark/The Chosen Bulldog 6/22/12
Jurassic Skatepark Title Card.png
10a Lil Rob, Meaty and Goggles accidentally break the time barrier while skating and go back to the time of dinosaurs! Can they skate their way back Sprawl City?
The Chosen Bulldog Title Card.png
10b Meaty must face off with wiener dog Mr. Sprinkles in the ancient art of PawJitzu to get Lil Rob's skateboard back – that is, if Meaty can learn it in time.
11 11 Gnarly Craft 6/29/12
Gnarly Craft Title Card.png
11 When Lil Rob gets trapped online in the World of Gnarly Craft game, the Wild Grinders' online avatars must help him to defeat the evil Lord Stubicus of Castle GnarSkull, or be trapped in the game forever!
12 12 My Lil Unicorn/Breakfast of Skaters 6/29/12
My Lil Unicorn Title Card.png
12a Denise's new pet unicorn Jasper frames Meaty and gets him banished to the backyard, so Lil Rob sets out to expose the mythical menace!
Breakfast of Skaters Title Card.png
12b Lil Rob wants to enter a video contest so he can be the new face of SkatyOh's cereal, but Stubford's bought all the boxes in Sprawl City to ensure that he wins.
13 13 Skater Who Cried Wolf/Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy 7/6/12
Skater Who Cried Wolf Title Card.png

Lil Rob gets suspicious when Meaty starts hanging out with a new kid named Chris.like the fact that Chris might be a werewolf!

Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy Title Card.png
13b Lil Rob has to attend obedience school with Meaty, but an intense drill sergeant, Schultz, is making the best friends miserable!
14 14 Meaty in Black/Grinders of Invention 9/7/12
Meaty in Black Title Card.png

Special agents from Area 50 and 1/2 kidnap Meaty to use his drool in an evil plot to rule the world. Can Lil Rob and the Grinders save him before it's too late?

Grinders of Invention Title Card.png
14b When Goggles wins his own laboratory, he tries to impress his parents with wild inventions. To "help" manage his time, Lil Rob fills in at Goggle's family obligations.
15 15 Lil Rob Roundup/Wild Step Brothers 7/14/12
Lil Rob Roundup Title Card.png

Lil Rob needs Goggles to clone him so he can skate in two competitions AND do all his chores. What could possibly go wrong?

Wild Stepbrothers Title Card.png
15b Bring Your Son To Work Day gets even lamer when Lil Rob's dad brings home Stubford for a week! Can Lil Rob convince Mr. Hucksterball to take Stubford back?
16 16 Swaggerless/Goggles Shrunk the Grinders 7/21/12
Swaggerless Title Card.png
16a Lil Rob's plan to hypnotize Goggles backfires and the other Grinders need to find a way to reverse the hypnotism.
Goggles Shrunk the Grinders Title Card.png
16b Goggles creates a Decreasinator to shrink skateboards to pocket-size. Unfortunately, the ray backfires and shrinks the Grinders!
17 17 Preston Change-O/Biggest Fan 7/28/12
Preston Change-O.jpg
17a Lil Rob learns a magic trick from Preston, the class magician, and accidentally switches bodies with Meaty!
Biggest Fan Title Card.jpg
17b Lil Rob has a new biggest fan, a kid named Bob. But Bob's hero-worship quickly gets out of control when he starts to act and dress like Lil Rob and as "Lil Bob" starts to take over Lil Rob's life.
18 18 Substitute Secret Agent/Wild Scouts 10/5/12

When Lil Rob mistakenly receives a secret spy package, he gears up with Goggles and Meaty to save a royal family!

18b When the Grinders join the Sapling Scouts and get lost, it's up to Jay Jay to lead them on to The Ramplands!
19 19 Wild Zombies/Scream a Little Scream 10/26/12
Wild Zombies Title Card.png
19a When the Grinders carve a cursed pumpkin for Halloween, they turn into zombies! And even stranger, they let Stubby become the leader of the Wild Grinders!
Scream A Little Scream Title Card.png
19b The Grinders spend a night in a haunted house to catch a ghost on video, but are quickly picked off one-by-one in a series of horrific, hilarious mishaps!
20 20 Search for Master Sensei/Meaty's Royal Adventure 11/2/12
Search for Master Sensei Title Card.png
20a When Spitball's Street Ninja teacher is kidnapped, it's up to Lil Rob, Spitball and Meaty to save Master Sensei.
Meaty's Royal Adventure Title Card.png
20b Meaty is named heir to the Royal Doghouse of Moronico, but being royalty means no skating! Can the Grinders help?
21 21 Hoopz Dreamz/Who's the Dummy, Dummy? 11/9/12
Hoopz Dreamz Title Card.png
21a When injury takes out Flipz and her teammates, the Grinders play b-ball to save The Hucksterballer's season!
Who's the Dummy, Dummy Title Card.png
21b Goggles gives up the Grinders for a ventriloquist act! Can Lil Rob convince him to put aside Bobbo and come back?
22 22 A World Gone Rad-Awesome/Operation Supernova 11/16/12
A World Gone Rad-Awesome Title Card.png
22a Lil Rob travels to an alternate dimension where everything's opposite! Can he restore balance to a world gone mad?
Operation Supernova Title Card.png
22b Lil Rob, Meaty and Goggles join Agent Capricorn to stop two evil agents and their new ally, Track Hucksterball!
23 23 Grindstar Returns/Skaterz of Ollie 11/23/12
Grindstar Returns Title Card.png
23a Captain Grindstar asks Lil Rob and Goggles to watch his pet goldfish, but when Stubford steals it, the guys need to become superheroes themselves to get it back!
Skaterz of Ollie Title Card.png
23b Lil' Rob and Meaty were transported to another world by a tornado, which was named as Ollie. Lil' Rob and Meaty must stop the evil witch from conquering Oliie.
24 24 Grinder Claus/Merry Grindernukamas 12/3/12
Grinder Claus Title Card.png
24a Even Santa Claus has a Christmas wish: he wants to skateboard with Lil Rob! But when Santa falls and can't fly the sled, can the gang deliver all his presents?
Merry Grindernukamus Title Card.png
24b Lil Rob thinks holiday cheer has gone missing, so he and the gang create a new holiday: Grindernukamas! However, making a new holiday isn't as easy as it sounds!
25 25 Take Me to Your Stubford/Emo's Mystery Girl 2/15/13
Take Me to Your Stubford Title Card.png
25a Aliens abduct Lil Rob and Stubford and put them through a series of tests to determine who is more rad-awesome
Emo's Mystery Girl Title Card.png

Emo Crys has been texting a unicorn-loving girl he met online, but he's nervous to meet her in person!

26 26 Board Senseless/Big Top Rob 12/23/13
Board Senseless Title Card.png
26a To win the RadStar X5 skateboard back from Denise, the Grinders must give up skating for a week! Can they do it?
Big Top Rob Title Card.png 26b Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders must save the show when Jack Knife's Family Circus comes to town!

Season 2

No. Overall No. Title Date Aired
1 27 Texas Skateboard Horrorland Zombie Activity 3 10/18/13
TSHZA3 Title Card.png
1/27 Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders accept the Skatey Oh's Cereal challenge to stay the night in a haunted house. But once they enter the house, they realize that this challenge might be easier said than done. Can Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders survive the night?
2 28 Grindbox 1080 2/5/14
Grindbox 1080 Start Title Card.png
2/28 Lil Rob zaps himself into Goggles' amped-up video game to help save Stubford and now they're both trapped in the digital world! Together, they must power their way through levels of gnarly villains to escape!
3 29 The Secret Life of Spitball/Backside Grinders: Reunion Tour 2/12/14
The Secret Life of Spitball Title Card.png
When the gang realizes Spitball's life outside the Grinders is a complete mystery, they decide to follow him for the day. Lil Rob and Meaty discover that he's up to some pretty rad adventures!
Backside Grinders The Reunion Tour Title Card.png
When a new teen idol threatens the popularity of the Backside Grinders, Lil Rob has no choice but to get the dudes back together to defend their musical honor! It's an epic battle of the boy band idols!
4 30 Survivored/Fast Times at Sprawl City Middle School 2/19/14
Survivored Title Card.png
When the Wild Grinders get stranded on a deserted island, Lil Rob does his best to turn it into a boarder's paradise - until Stubford washes up.
Fast Times Title Card.png
Lil Rob is always late...until he hops on Goggles' new Hyper Turbo board! But when he kicks it up to 11, will Lil Rob get stuck at hyper speed forever?
5 31 The League of Xtraordinary Sk8ters/Wild Grinders, Assemble! 2/26/14
Xtraordinary Sk8ters Title Card.png
When Lil Rob's viral video crashes the interwebs, his new found fame attracts the attention of Todd Topdeck who needs a web celebrity to boost awareness of his less-than-successful Skate League. But Lil Rob gets more than he bargained for when his idol Todd is anxious to compete with Lil Rob.
Wild Grinders Assemble! Title Card.png
When a giant alien robot threatens to conquer the planet, it's up to Lil Rob and the Grinders to save the day! Goggles creates seven tricked out super skateboards that can be combined into one giant super robot to help them battle the alien robot. Of course, Stubford wants to tag along and spray paints his own board to be part of the crew and then Grinders must save him as well.
6 32 Pen Pal From Another Planet/Roman Grinders 3/5/13
Pen Pal from Another Planet Title Card.png
6a/32a Jack Knife is always texting his new pen pal. Lil Rob thinks his friend is being punk'd, but the truth may be more out of this world ... literally.
Roman Grinders Title Card.png
6b/32b Goggles invents a reverse microwave to cool down a burrito and accidentally sends the Grinders back in time to Ancient Rome to face Emperor Stubbicus!
7 33 The Luck of the Grindish/Bend it Like a Grinder 3/12/14
7a/33a Meaty wins a leprechaun's hat and gets all the powers and responsibilities of a real Leprechaun. But be careful what you wish for because soon everyone's after Leprechaun Meaty for his legendary pot of gold.
7b/33b Lil Rob and the Grinders welcome Sir Percival, an exchange student from across the pond. Sir P may be a great amateur athlete in his home country, but he can't get the hang of boarding. Before he returns home, the Grinders have to teach him how, or risk their reputation overseas.
8 34 The Treasure of the Sierra Sprawl/Special Delivery 3/19/14
The Treasure of the Sierrra Sprawl Title Card.png
8a/34a Facing a recall of the great gas-giving snack, Stinkies, the Grinders embark on a treasure hunt to find the very last one.
Special Delivery Title Card.png
8b/34b The Wild Grinders compete with the Fixees to see which group will become Papa Calzoni's newest pizza delivery crew.
9 35 The Tell Tale Board/It's Not My Asphalt! 3/26/14
The Tell Tale Board Title Card.png
9a/35a After wrecking Lil Rob's new board, Meaty lies and says Denise broke it. Will Meaty come clean before he goes mad with guilt?
It's Not My Asphalt! Title Card.png
9b/35b Goggles invents "smart" asphalt, but it's so smart, it morphs into0 an asphalt monster that causes trouble for the Grinders.
10 36 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Grinder/Skate or Sick 4/2/14
10a/36a The Grinders try to figure out what's going on with two kids who never seem to be in the same place at the same time.
10b/36b Chaos ensues across Sprawl City when everyone catches a mystery disease that Lil Rob invented to get out of attending Tool Con!
11 37 The Big Sleep...Over/Lil Rob'n Hood 4/9/14
11a/37a Lil Rob agrees to a "play date" with Stubford to find out if his mom's really a mysterious soul-eating monster of legend.
11b/37b Discover Lil Rob's legendary relative, Lil Rob'n Hood, who stole burritos from the gluttonous King Stubford and gave them to the starving townspeople.
12 38 School Daze/Grindergeddon 4/16/14
School Daze Title Card.png 12a/38a Lil Rob hatches a plan that will get him out of school and give him more time to skate at the Lot. He convinces Gene and Patty that he should be home schooled, thinking one of them will be his teacher and he'll be able to cruise through the day. But Lil Rob's plan goes awry when he shows up for his first day of home schooling and is greeted by his new teacher...Denise.
Grindergeddon Title Card.png 12b/38b The Grinders take the space shuttle up to an asteroid that's going to pass by earth so they can have the ultimate skate experience in super-low gravity. But when Stubford horns in on their action, he bumps the asteroid off its path and aims it straight for earth. It's Grindergeddon! Will Lil Rob be able to pull off a Jack Knife-inspired move and save the earth from the asteroid?
13 39 Wild Grinder with Two Heads/The Legend of Jilly 4/23/14
Two Heads Title Card.png 13a/39a Goggles has created the ultimate invention: a ray gun that'll combine two foods into one even more awesome food. Goggles warns them that his ray gun is experimental and has no idea what will happen if it's used on something other than food. Jay Jay and Emo Crys ignore the warning and as they have a tug-of-war over the ray gun, it accidentally goes off! Zap! Emo Crys and Jay Jay are combined into one Wild Grinder with two heads! It's up to Lil Rob and crew to figure out a way to return them to normal before they're stuck as the two-headed Grinder forever!
Jilly Title Card.png 13b/39b A mysterious creature's terrorizing Sprawl City and Denise thinks it might be her long lost baby alligator who went missing in a bizarre toilet accident. Lil Rob, Meaty and the Grinders take Denise on a quest into the city's sewer system and find more monsters than they bargained for and only one of them might be an alligator.
14 40 Midas Touch/Pre-Teen Mutated Karate Warrior 9/3/14

When Lil Rob and the Grinders take a "coolness" Goggles' coolness quotient ranks so low, it's off the scale. Lil Rob reminds Goggles of a kid who used to skate at the Lot named Shecky. Seems Shecky used to be the ultimate nerd, but now he's an ultra-cool skater who's got a bit of the "Midas touch" as everything he does now is awesome. Shecky agrees to give Goggles a Scheck-over and does a total makeover of Goggles' image.

14b/40b Lil Rob is responsible for babysitting the new classroom pet. A turtle named Gary has a secret: He's an elite, skilled hero - or at least he used to be. Gary's lost his mojo recently after losing a battle with his evil nemesis, a hamster named Mr. Chews. Gary's been laying low as the class pet and is thinking about changing his career. Lil Rob and Meaty promise to help Gary get his mojo back so he can stop Mr. Chews.
15 41 The Amaazing Racers/Wild Wild Mess 9/10/14
The Amaazing Racers Title Card.png 15a/41a Lil Rob and Stubford compete in a race across the globe to win a lifetime supply of bacon-wrapped tacos.
Wild Wild Mess Title Card.png 15b/41b When Stubford becomes sheriff for Wild West Day, he starts rewriting Sprawl City's history, and it's up to the Grinders to stop him!
16 42 Grindinator/Grinder of Another Dimension 9/17/14
Grindinator Title Card.png 16a/42a Lil Rob's grandson goes back in time to help the Grinders destroy the evil robot skateboard that takes over future Sprawl City.
Grinder of Another Dimension Title Card.png 16b/42b Preston vanishes Jay Jay to the 4th Dimension where the Grinders must go to save him from a germ-cleaning vacuum!
17 43 Fists of Justice: The Beginning/Lil Rob & the Beanstalk 9/24/14
Fists of Justice Title Card.png 17a/43a The Wild Grinders form a superhero team with Captain Grindstar to battle an alien invasion that threatens to destroy the planet.
Beanstalk Title Card.png 17b/43b Jack Knife trades his only skateboard to Preston for some magic jelly beans. He plants them in Lil Rob's garden and Lil Rob wakes the next morning to find a giant beanstalk growing into the sky. Lil Rob and the Grinders are thrilled to find an awesome - and oddly oversized - skate park in the clouds and immediately start riding. But the castle and the skate park belong a mean giant who just happens to look exactly like Stubford.
18 44 Demolition Man, Man/Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 10/1/14
Demolition Man Title Card.png 18a/44a When Jack Knife enters a skateboard demolition derby, he finds he must face the undefeated champion he idolizes, Crash Basher.
Hair Today Title Card.png 18b/44b  It's an alien hair-a-thon as Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders discover that the evil Alien Hair of Count Forelock has taken over Lil Nyjah, one of the kids at the skatepark. An invasion is surely imminent as one-by-one the Grinders fall under the hair's control. Lil Rob and Meaty must snip their friends from the hair and lather, rinse, repeat the takeover of Sprawl City.
19 45 Cat Scratch Meaty/Wild BFF's 10/8/14
Cat Scratch Meaty Title Card.png 19a/45a Meaty becomes an internet sensation by disguising himself as a skateboarding cat. Will he be able to keep the ruse up or will he lose his new-found fame?
Wild BFF's Title Card.png 19b/45b When Jack Knife begins to act like his new brother for Stubford, the Wild Grinders must break up the bromance to save Jack!
20 46 A Mole Lot of Trouble/Redonkulousness 10/15/14
Mole Title Card.png 20a/46a The Mole King is determined to get revenge on the Grinders. Seems all the grinding they do at the Lot is making the Mole King's underground kingdom too noisy. The Grinders manage to drive the Mole King from the Lot, but Lil Rob and Meaty are in for a surprise when they return home to find the Mole King and his mole minions have taken over Lil Rob's house, forcing Gene, Patty and Denise to rough it in the backyard.
Redonkulousness Title Card.png 20b/46b When Jack Knife crashes into a donkey, the video goes viral thanks to an appearance on Todd Topdeck's hit show "Redonkulousness." But viral internet fame is fleeting when his popularity is challenged by a roller-skating chicken, Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders help Jack Knife fail bigger and better and with a lot more donkeys!
21 47 Web Wars/When You Grind Upon a Star 11/5/14
Web Wars Title Card.png 21a/47a The Wild Grinders stream a webcast featuring 24-hour coverage of all things Grinder. Denise, angry that her channel isn't getting any hits, starts sabotaging the Grinder's tricks for her Epic Fail Live Feed. It's action cam vs sister cam as Lil Rob tries to pull off The Lil Rob Challenge without Denise messing him up. In the end, Denise's efforts to embarrass Lil Rob result in her accidentally pulling off the big skate trick herself, in the worst way possible, live on the Wild Grinders' webcast.
Grind Upon a Star Title Card.png 21b/47b The Super Duper Ultra Extreme-o ramp is coming to Sprawl City and Lil Rob wants to nail it without wiping out. To help them practice, they create a ramp-test dummy, Jagger 2.0. But when Jagger accidentally comes to life and wants to be a real boy, Lil Rob and the Grinders have to help him before he can hit the ramp.
22 48 Mr. Dogfyre/Blast from the Past 11/19/14
Mr Dogfyre Title Card.png 22a/48a There's a new dog at the Lot named Trevor, who's a huge fan of the Backside Grinders and it's his dream to play drums with the band. Lil Rob gets the band together to play with Trevor, Meaty gets jealous, disguises himself and creates a persona he calls Dogfyre - an over-the-top rock-and-roll drummer - with the intention of getting Trevor kicked out of the band.
22b/48b Lil Rob finds an old first place trophy for a skating championship in the attic and assumes it's his Dad's trophy. Goggles breaks out the time machine skateboard so Lil Rob can go back in time with Meaty to see Gene win the trophy. When Lil Rob arrives in the past, he collides with an 11-year-old Gene who's riding his skateboard. Gene wipes out and is embarrassed, vowing to never skate again. Lil Rob thinks he changed his dad's destiny. Together with the kid version of Goggle's dad (Toggles), Lil Rob works to get Gene to skate again and thereby fix the timeline.
23 49 Getting Cheezy/Grindy the Snowman 12/3/14
23a/49a Lil Rob's cousin Virgil has become the world's biggest rap star: Cheez Puffy. But Cheez misses having a "normal" life, and wants one day without paparazzi on his tail. Lil Rob offers to switch places with Cheez Puffy for the day. Cheez Puffy's day is a dream come true as he gets to live a day as Lil Rob. Meanwhile, Lil Rob gets more than he bargained for when he tries to keep up with the whirlwind that is Cheez Puffy's life and accidentally gets into a rap battle with a fellow rapper, DJ Tater-naise. Too much of a good thing?
23b/49b Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders love a snow day, and when their snowman, Grindy, accidentally springs to life, he makes the day better. But Grindy wants to keep the snow days coming forever and that's when Lil Rob has to turn snow day back into a regular day and stop Grindy from blizzarding Sprawl City.
24 50 Wild Grinder Style/Call of the Wild Grinder 12/10/14
Wild Grinder Style Title Card.png 24a/50a Lil Rob creates a new dance and song called Ticky Tack- Tack style. Goggles films Lil Rob doing the dance and uploads it. The video goes viral and Lil Rob finds himself at the center of a global craze! With the Wild Grinders as his posse, Lil Rob gets swept up in a global tour where he does the Ticky Tack-Tack style song and dance over and over and over and over. It's all anyone wants to see him do or talk about. Lil Rob just wants to be a skater, but how can he shed global fame to do the only thing he really wants to do...skate.
24b/50b Lil Rob wants to skate down a mountain, so he has Goggles whip up some off-road skateboards. While skating in the wild, Lil Rob and the Grinders stumble onto a mystical world of talking woodland creatures, who welcome Lil Rob and the Grinders with open paws. It's all very sweet and cheerful - until it's time to go home. In order to keep their secret safe, the sweet woodland creatures turn a bit nasty and insist Lil Rob and the Grinders stay with them...forever!
25 51 Lights, Camera, Denise!/Gas Knight 2/4/15
25a/51a Can Denise save Freddy's movie and the Grinders when a giant robot "prop" goes on a rampage on set?
25b/51b A jealous Stubford challenges Meaty the Gas Knight to a battle for the gas-powered board he uses to fight crime in Sprawl City.
26 52 Great Wheels of Fire 2/11/15
26/52 The Grinders are missing! Spitball's mentor Master Sensei fears his nemesis Fong Say Yuck has returned and his evil power is growing. Master Sensei chooses Lil Rob to defeat Fong Say Yuck and save the Wild Grinders. Accompanied by a astral projection of Spitball, Lil Rob is helped by the Wolf Spirit and the Dragon Spirit as he searches for the mythical skateboard -- The Wheels of Fire -- whose power can help him defeat Fong Say Yuck.


  • On the opening sequence of Wild Grinders, it shows that Stubford Hucksterball attacks Lil Rob by skating a bit smoothly and straightly with his mechanical legs. This implies that it was a temporary and false description, because Stubford does not skate perfectly during the entire series.
  • Some scenes of the opening sequence are seen in Deconstructed, Close-Up, Shark Attack, and Going Hollyweird.
  • A mistake is shown in the Wild Grinders opening sequence: Part of the beginning shows that Lil Rob was skating with his original cap, instead of his helmet. His helmet was shown when Stubford appears to attack him.
  • Some of the promos of Wild Grinders are missing on the Nicktoons website.
  • Some of the characters and their voice actors (except for the main characters, and a few recurring characters) are absent in the ending credits.  





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