Denise first appearance.png
Full Name {{{fullname}}}
Alias(es) Denisers
Birthplace Ketterville
Gender Female
Race Human
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Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Relative(s) Lil Rob (younger brother)

Gene (father)

Patty (mother)

First Appearance Close-Up
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Voice Actor Erin Fitzgerwald

Denise is one of the minor characters from Wild Grinders.


Acting as a over-dominating older sister, Denise is a bossy, ill-temprered girl who keeps teasing Lil Rob so many times. Though she acts as an antagonist of the Dyrdek family, Denise takes a major role to get some help with his brother. She has a frequent habit of eating frozen yogurt from the Fro-Yo Mama shop, and adores her glass-prized animals (unicorns as her best option).

Besides Meaty, Denise adopts not just one, but two pets that she deeply admires: Jilly, a pet baby alligator, and Chirpie, a parakeet. She had lost both of them prior in The Legend of Jilly, but they were finally found at the conclusion.


  • Kate & Mary-Denise's friends that are twin sisters. Their roles were not important, but they and Denise do some feminine activities together, such as shopping.
  • Freddie-Denise has been in love since she wanted Freddie, since she is chasing him.
  • Emo Crys-Since Denise chatted with Emo Crys, who was nicknamed as "Lord Elrod", at the Unicorn forum, Denise blames on Lil' Rob that he tricked her, but Emo Crys stops her from blaming and began to confess about his feelings to Denise. Rather for a long date, Emo Crys feels stuck with Denise, as he was planning to avoid her.
  • Squeak-After Squeak was rammed by a fake unicorn, created by Goggles, Denise takes her confession that he will be with Squeak, as Emo Crys was left behind, as he was rescued by Lil Rob and the others. It's unknown that Squeak joins the Wild Grinders, and lies to Denise on purpose.




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