• Sweet2thDINOsaur

    Seeing that this Fandom is small and such, I decided to lend a hand in helping the Wikia.

    I'll try to get this place more up-to-date and edit it often and sometimes dump a buncha screenshots here.

    Anyways, can the Theme change a bit? I'm not into the color contrast of the green-grey color. 

    Wow, this seems short because I can't get my sentences to go past a single line. 

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  • Caramelangel714

    It's that time of year for the first time of Wild Grinders Wiki. We haven't received our "We're Playing", but we are about to discuss about the holidays of Wikia. This will be seen in our main page, so lok out, and we'll be "stoked"!

    Thank you for reading this comment and we will see if we will get the banner soon.


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  • Invader Rob


    May 17, 2012 by Invader Rob

    Hello Wild Grinders Fans, I have made a fanon wiki!:

    This wiki is about doing Fanon stuff and make your own grinder!

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